DVLA Vehicle & Tax: 0300 790 6802

Phone the Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency on their UK contact number 0300 790 6802 to report a lost driving licence, to pay your car tax and to register your vehicle as being off the road.

The Driving & Vehicle Licensing Agency is a UK government body which maintains a database on all the driving licence holders in the country and is also responsible for the registration of vehicle’s driving on roads in the country. If you’re driving far by car to dine at a restaurant in Poole you should make sure you’re fully up-to-date with your vehicle taxes to avoid any embarrassing inconveniences in case you have a chance encounter with UK traffic police on your way. You should call therefore phone their main vehicle contact number 0300 790 6802 to pay your car tax or to notify them that you have been overcharged on your annual payments thus you would like a refund. Alternatively if you have sold your vehicle you should call this helpline to let them know you no longer possess it. Similarly if your car is no longer being driven on public roads you should dial this number to request a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) which means you no longer have to pay tax on it. You should also call the customer service team at the DVLA to request a new vehicle log book which is known as a V5C certificate so that you can keep an accurate history of the car.

Phoning the DVLA on their customer service contact number 0300 790 6802 will cost you the same as making a local-rate call to any UK landline number which is prefixed by an 01 or 02 area code. Therefore you will be able to phone the DVLA for free if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your monthly tariff, otherwise you will pay a small per-minute rate as well as a call connection charge.

DVLA driving licence enquiries

Phone the DVLA on their dedicated driving licence contact number 0300 790 6801 to apply for your first provisional licence which will enable you to learn to drive on Britain’s roads. Therefore if you would like assistance whilst filling out the forms and sending the appropriate photographic evidence you should dial this number. You should also contact this customer service department if you need to report your current licence as being lost or stolen so that you get a replacement issued. They will also provide advice on how you can legally drive without your licence card in the interim period before your replacement photo-card arrives.

DVLA contact numbers – full UK list

While this page does feature the main DVLA phone numbers, it’s not an entirely exhaustive set of contact details – if you’d like to explore in more detail all the alternative methods for contacting the DVLA, such as by post, online contact for, email, and of course by phone direct to the relevant department, please refer to the DVLA page of the UK national contact numbers directory.

DVLA department UK contact number
General enquiries 0300 790 6801
Vehicle & car tax enquiries 0300 790 6802
Apply for a driving licence 0300 790 6801
Medical queries 0300 790 6806
DVLA Driver Check 09061 393 837 (Premium-rate number! May cost several pounds per minute to call)
Welsh Language enquiries 0300 790 6819
MOT enquiries 0300 123 9000
Personalised number plate auctions 0300 123 0883